Larens Brand

LARENS is an exclusive brand of collagen cosmetics, created by an international team of specialists, in close cooperation with the distinguished Polish physician and scientist Doctor of Medicine, PhD Andrzej Frydrychowski. The method, patented by him, specifically refers to the method of obtaining natural collagen which has been used in the production of the latest generation of natural collagen cosmetics.

In this way we’ve created products for LARENS which are characterized by an unprecedented high level of quality and efficacy.

The history of the brand starts at the moment in which a Polish brand of collagen cosmetics called Collagen Beauty was created. The brand appeared on the market in 2003, and has evolved, gaining many satisfied clients the world over.

The completion of the production of cosmeceutical products under this brand name is associated with the revolutionary discoveries of scientists working on natural collagen and therefore with the need to intensify scientific research.
The creators of the brand invested all their funds into research. All this takes place to enable clients to receive an excellent product with unparalleled quality and effectiveness in comparison to any competitor’s cosmetics.

In addition to the initial group of Polish scientists, an international team of specialists participated in the research of the product. A Swiss company invested in the research on collagen, the Collagen Beauty ingredient. It was this cooperation, enthusiasm and hard work of the scientists together with the combination on the Collagen Beauty brand advancements as well as groundbreaking research which underlined the creation of a new brand. We introduce a new brand of cosmeceutical products, which endorses new quality, unique ingredients and the highest efficacy.