Larens Cosmetics

LARENS is an exclusive brand of collagen cosmetics created by an international group of experts, in close cooperation with the distinguished Polish doctor and scientist Andrzej Frydrychowski, Ph.D., M.D. The method he developed for extracting natural collagen has been used in the production of a new generation of cosmeceutical which contain natural collagen.

This is how LARENS products are created and characterized, by their exceptional quality and effectiveness.

Numerous tests, made in independent laboratories have shown that using LARENS cosmetics with premium natural collagen considerably helps to:

- smoothen wrinkles and prevent new ones,
- delay the skin ageing process,
- improve skin elasticity, tightness and smoothness,
- treat cellulite and stretch marks,
- treat and reduce blemishes,
- protect the skin from free radicals,
- regenerate the skin and improve its condition,
- treat acne and rosacea,
- soothe skin irritation,
- regenerate hair and nails,

LARENS – the combination of nature’s beauty and science.