PEPTIDUM Age Repair Eye Cream

Intensive regenerating eye cream with anti-wrinkle and smoothing action, with a complex of natural peptides. Formula based on Nutrivi water. Age Repair Eye Cream is designed for the care of delicate skin around the eyes, which requires special attention and proper preparation.

The cream, thanks to its complex of natural peptides, active ingredients and vitamins (which play a key role in the revitalization process), is perfect in the prevention and protection of the skin: intensely moisturizes, regenerates, slows down the ageing process, has a soothing effect and also protects it against free radicals. Age Repair Eye Cream effectively improves the appearance under the eyes and eyelids, reduces swelling and brightens the skin, causing it to become evenly smooth, more tense and radiant.


- Eyeliss® is a complex of peptides and sweet orange extract. Removes swelling under the eyes, brightens and maintains skin elasticity.

- Phytodermina Lifting® improves the surface tension of the skin, thanks to which it provides a lifting effect.

- Phycosil® 2000, consisting of red algae extract, highly moisturizes and regenerates the skin around the eyes. It has a soothing effect.

- Collagen increases skin firmness, smoothes wrinkles and slows down the ageing process. Protects the skin from moisture loss.