Micellar Lotion

Delicate micellar make-up remover lotion and facial cleanser. The specific cosmetic formula ensures optimal skin care at the cleaning stage. The lotion contains fatty acid ester micelles, which after contact with the skin, bind impurities and excess sebum, removing them from its surface. The micellar lotion works very effectively, yet gently: it does not irritate the eyes, removes even waterproof makeup, while toning and moisturizing the skin. Thanks to the presence of colloidal silver it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Contains no parabens.

It has a light, non-greasy texture with a subtle fragrance. The lotion is recommended for daily use and is suitable for people with sensitive skin.


Collagen guarantees rejuvenation of the skin and slows down the ageing process. Provides the skin with long-term protection against moisture loss, increases its tension and smoothes wrinkles.

Aloe is plant whose health benefits are unique and complex. It contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, PP, B12 and certain quantities of microelements, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, sulphur, iron and calcium. It not only has antibacterial and regenerative properties, but also is an excellent anti-inflammatory and soothing agent.

Vitamin C is known not only for its influence on improving the resilience of our body, but also as an ingredient of cosmetics. It stimulates collagen synthesis, evens skin colouring and has anti-inflammatory actions.

Colloidal silver(silver nano-particles) has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and normalizing actions. Regenerates and moisturizes the skin as well as soothes irritations. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for acne skin. It is non-toxic and does not accumulate in the body.

Allantoin has soothing and calming actions, regenerates and accelerates skin renewal.